Why Alternity?

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Alternity Financial is full service Managed Futures Advisory Firm.
Founded on the belief that there are great investments outside of just stocks and bonds, our mission is to educate and advise our clients on how to experience true portfolio diversification with managed futures and other commodity related investments.


Why Alternity?
Managed Futures

Diversification through Professional Money Managers

Managed futures have been used successfully by investment management professionals for more than 30 years. Savvy investors looking to maximize portfolio exposure continue to increase their use of managed futures as an integral component of a well diversified portfolio.

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Create customized watchlists, track multiple managers and rank CTA programs all in one database and all for FREE! Alternity Financial offers investors a portal to help find the right CTA program for their portfolio. Every member also has access to a Managed Futures Advisor to help them navigate the site and answer questions. SIGN UP NOW

Managed Futures Database

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Access several on-demand educational classes designed around market specific strategies. Grow your market awareness with research that covers multiple asset classes provided by seasoned industry professionals, and explore real trading recommendations for current market conditions.

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